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Anyeonghaseyo… ^^

Allamanda Zahra imnida…  Satu-satunya admin dan author disini….  Gak disangka-sangka saya sudah menulis dan membangun blog ini selama dua tahun lamanya (read: 2015 pas buatnya)…  Dan baru kali ini saya mengisi biodata saya…  So, langsung aja!

Allamanda Zahra, 00 Line, Born in Medan but currently live in Bogor, Go to UB is my dream (Aaaamiiiin), Imaginative person with a hands that so itchy to writing even though she’s not good enough to do it.  Like reading a book, listening to music all night, have a very trouble skin, and kpop trash since 2010 

Nextfavourite group..  (This will be a lot since i loved every single group a.k.a almost love all k-pop group)


The first is…..  Of course SM Town Group..  From TVXQ-NCT…  (Rumour said there will be next GB and i can’t wait it…)  Shinee got me into k-pop after hello can’t out of my mind (even though back then Super Junior is really famous in Indonesia).  Next Super Junior, SNSD,TVXQ, Kangta, The Grace (you need to listen their song if you’re not know this group yet..  This group is like the female of TVXQ and they’re so 👍👍👍.  Unfortunately they’re inactive since 2011),  F(x), EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT.  I also like S.E.S new song…  Like, my life is basically SM 😏


Well, little bit weird like?  But, i like YG and SM.  For YG, there’s some group that didn’t make me so excited cause there are so EDM…  But let me counted, i like IKON, Winner, Big Bang, 2NE1, Lee Hi, AkMu, Black Pink, and Scehcs Kiss 😑


Believe me or not guys…   There so cute…  They like a child even though their age…  Hahahaha….  And they have so good interaction with Suju and Shinee (that’s why i know them cause of they interaction with Suju and Shinee).

And after that, Infinite, Got 7, BTS, Seventeen, and Astro. For the girl group… Well, there are B.E.G, Kara, 4 minute, WG, Apink 😊 (There only Apink and BEG now) *sigh*

2nd Will be…..  My favourite couple


First is Sugen.  Taeyeon x Leteuk, Jessica x Donghae, Yoona x Donghae (Sorry not sorry), Sunny x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Yoona, Kyuhyun x Seohyun…  I never make ff from all couple in here cause back then, i just a siders (✌️)


Ugh….  I missed this couple…  I like this couple before TTBY begin when Minho is paired with Krystal and i am struggle to find Minsul fan fiction…  I start to write ff during Minsul era (2012) and joined as a freelance author that all my files about Minsul ff is gone cause i changed my notebook.


WGM brought me in to this couple and A pink!


 Just can’t choose between Sestal or Kaistal 😬


This is my last favourite couple…  Why i can loved this couple?  I don’t know.  Just found a they’re photo in my search instagram and open the acc….  I loved to see the moment!  


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And you can find me on wattpad to!  username: xospringsflowerxo

Okay, i think that’s all for me… ^^